The situation: In the waiting room of a hotel. A receptionist walking around the waiting room. She looking for a men (the hotel guest) who has sit down on the chair. The man reading a news paper. And then, the receptionist want to know about the men and what news the men reading.

Receptionist : Good morning sir? May I sit down at your beside?
Guest : Good morning, of course you can!
Receptionist : You look enjoy to read your newspaper!
Guest : Yes, I’m enjoying it
Receptionist : Are you always reading newspaper?
Guest : Of course, every morning! And you?
Receptionist : Sometimes sir, if I have time. If I may to know what your profession sir?
Guest : My profession as a manager of a bank. And I have worked as manages since 2009.
Receptionist : Thank you, sir. What article you like read?
Guest : I like read about banking and economic. By the way,,,, you look very interesting to talking about news paper.
Receptionist : Yes, sir, because my father worked as a journalist. I ever see He have a press card. My father a journalist of Analisa daily, and He always cover and event about crime, sport, most of them published as headline. But not at all his article are published, because an editor will select his report. Even though, He has written the new news and the best news many times.
Guest : Your father so good……!
Receptionist : Are you subscribe news paper, sir?
Guest : yes, I have subscribed to SIB and Medan Pos since I’m to be a manager.
Receptionist : Until now sir?
Guest : Yes, until now, but I’m sorry, I have sat down here for 30 minutes. And I must go now. Excuse me, nice to talking with you!
Receptionist : You’re welcome.